It is a variable volume reservoir (VVR) technology developed instead of atmospheric type reservoirs used in hydraulic systems. 

HYDROSPRING® stores the minimum oil required by the hydraulic system. 
The amount of oil circulating in the system during operation varies with the effects such as cylinders, temperature changes and swash plate position of the pump. 
HYDROSPRING®, with its specially designed structure, provides the most efficient amount of oil to the system or stores in it.


Hydrospring provides a weight gain of 1:10 to 1:20 compared to conventional atmospheric type reservoirs thanks to the technology it provides. The value of this gain is very high, especially in mobile vehicles.


Hydrospring, which does not require the high volume of classical atmospheric type reservoirs, provides volume gain between 1:10 and 1:20, depending on the application. It is possible to not only reduce the volume of the reservoir but also thinnig the suction lines in half. Because of the positive pressure inside the suction lines, the suction hoses can be replaced with thinner hoses with smaller bending radius.


With its low volume and high operating potential makes Hydrospring economically profitable. It can pay for itself for the cost of one oil replacement of an classical atmosphreic reservoir. Since the system is closed to the atmosphere it is exposed to less pollution, the oil life is prolonged.


With its low volume and high operating potential makes Hydrospring more eco-friendly. An 1:20 reduction in the amount of hydraulic oil gives less spillage potential to the environment and high leakege sensivity, this situation has many advantages in European Union and whole world. In addition, because a system with a Hydrospring is completely closed to the atmosphere, the oil life increases by 2-3 times, which means less waste oil.